The Best Time for Leak Spotting Gutters

A leaking gutter may appear to be little more than an irritating drip down the back of our collar. However, it can create an off-putting impression if left to fester.  Standing on a ladder while wiping it clean underneath could cause us to lose balance. But there’s more to leak spotting gutters than that.

Rain Is Not the Best Time for Leak Spotting Gutters

Gutters only leak in the summer when it’s raining, unless there is more to the weather than we know. The major problem attached to checking for leaks when it’s raining, is the water drips on our faces and likely more raindrops too.

Ten-to-one we abandon the exercise without doing a decent job. The eavestroughs keep on leaking and we have to dry our clothes. Of course, the leak in our intro picture is obvious. But how would we know if the gutters were brand new?

We’d Check Eavestroughs for Leaks in Winter Instead!

A new eavestroughs system should have at least a one-year leak guarantee. This means we can wait for winter to look for leaks when it’s freezing cold. There’s bound to be a buildup of ice and snow after a few months, but there’s equally likely to be a thaw between cold snaps.

When it warms somewhat the snow and ice melts, and drip-drip drips at the corners and end caps of leaky seamless gutters. This turns to small icicles when the freeze returns. They may look like ice dams at first glance, until you ask yourself the question ‘why there’.

leak spotting gutters calgary installer
May Not Just Be An Ice Dam: Image State Farm BY CC 2.0

If we wait for a nice sunny cold day say at mid-morning, we can step outside and check for leaks at corners and end caps with scarcely a risk of a single water drop falling. This is leak spotting gutters the way it’s meant to be, and if we need evidence we can take a photo too.

Use a Certified, Fully Insured Eavestrough Installer

You could avoid eavestrough leak hassles in the first place, if you choose a competent installer for your gutter and down pipe project. Valiant Exteriors uses only premium materials, and our crews are certified and fully insured.

Our extended warranty is as good as the best. We are Calgary based, and we only work in the extended metro. Our good name stands us in good stead everywhere we go. We are proud of what we do. Please call (403)829-1661 to experience our service, or visit our FAQ to learn more.


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