How Your Roof Affects Your Home HVAC

Your roof affects your home HVAC costs in several ways. Business will be tighter until the epidemic calms and that affects all of us. Summer is coming and we need innovative ways to control the cost of cooling.

Did you know your roof covering could be affecting your home HVAC costs throughout the year? This is particularly likely to be the case if you have a metal roof. However there are other important facts to consider too.

The Factors Causing Roofs to Increase Home HVAC Costs

Many folk that come to us don’t have their mind around this phenomenon completely. We tell them they need to aim for a seasonal balance. That’s because a roof that admits heat on baking days can also be an ally in winter, when it warms the rooms.

The Colour of Your Roof Counts

It’s an acknowledged fact dark-painted cars get hotter in sunny parking lots. That’s because dark colours absorb more heat. Black absorbs all the wave lengths of light and therefore heat, while pure white reflects them all back.

These factors become especially important as we strive for energy-efficient homes. Take expert advice. Ask a local specialist which colours and intensities are best in Calgary. However, your roof affects your home HVAC costs in other ways too.

Your Roof Covering Material Matters

Different materials have different rates of heat flow. This happens when the ambient temperature is warmer than the object, and nature wants to exchange some energy to restore the balance. That makes the rate of thermal conductivity important, when choosing the best roof covering for your home.

Thin sheets of metal as used on roofs have high temperature conductivity. They also lose their heat rapidly. If you wondered why we use thin metal for cooking utensils, now you know.

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand retain the warmth longer because they are thicker and can absorb more heat. That’s yet another reason they are poplar in Calgary with our humid continental climate, warm summers and cold, dry winters.

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