Interesting Facts About Our Seamless Gutter Machine

We arrived at an eaves trough client’s site the other day but they seemed perplexed. “Where are the gutters they asked? All we can see is a flat roll of sheet metal, we didn’t order fascias!”

“No worries,” we replied. “That box the roll is standing on is an aluminum sheet extruder. See. Here’s the profile of the seamless gutters we are going to make right here, especially for you from that sheet roll.

How Does It Work, They Asked?

Eaves trough gutters receive rainwater flowing down the roof, and discharge it into downpipes. Conventional gutters come in standard lengths contractors join together after waterproofing the joints. These joints only stay dry for a limited period, before they start to drip and stain the gutters and paving below.

This happens because an eaves trough is like a living thing. It expands and contracts in the heat and the cold, and flexes slightly when the wind buffets it. Moreover, it also flexes with the roof timbers it attaches to. Our seamless gutters solve all these problems by being aluminum able to flex without straining any joints.

We make our seamless gutters on site, by extruding a continuous sheet of flat aluminium metal through an exact profile of the cross section. If we were to open the box, you would see a series of rollers progressively shaping the sheet to the desired profile, and there are many more advantages:

 # There is no possibility of the length of gutter leaking because there are no joints

# We are able to minimise material costs by cutting the exact length we need

# Your home looks more handsome and modern afterwards, retaining its value

 See How Quickly Seamless Gutters Go Up

Why We Chose Our 5/6″ Combo Extruder

Our fast, efficient and labour saving combo extruder comes with two interchangeable gutter profiles. This means we can manufacture both standard 5”, and wider 6” ones. We use the wider ones for larger expanses of roof receiving greater volumes of rainwater.

Our New Tech Machinery extruder is a solid, professional machine, being 10 feet long and weighing 1,350 pounds. It uses a combination of stainless steel forming rollers, and polyurethane driving ones. Add a powerful 3/4 horsepower motor, and a razor sharp easy-cut shear, and you have the perfect seamless eavestrough system we are putting up all over Calgary.

Need more info about this amazing technology, or perhaps wanting to know what your new gutters could cost? Call us on 403 829 1661 or use our handy messaging form now.

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