Our Birds Eye View of Roof Measurement

Scrambling around on a roof with a measuring tape in one hand and a notebook in the other is not everybody’s idea of fun. We don’t have the scaffolding in place we would when we are doing the actual job.

Some roofing contractors rely on guesswork and the customer’s pays either way. We decided to share our birds eye view on roofs to explain how our quality estimates are accurate and fair.


Why Accurate Estimates are Essential


If we discover something new when we start removing an old roof we negotiate with our clients. We regard this as fairer than covering over things or cutting corners. Unfortunately some other roofing contractors don’t see things the same way.

Moreover, if they find they overestimated they pocket the bonus. That’s what we meant when we said the customer pays for the consequences of guesswork. We don’t guess, we use digital technology to calculate roof sizes.


Drum Roll Please for Our Birds Eye View of a Roof


We obtain our data online from Eagle View Technologies. The company founded in 2008, and provides aerial imagery and data analytics services. Their software uses algorithms to infer size, shape, pitch and area of a roof.

Many professional roofers and solar installers use their services. They also provide useful information concerning storm damage to siding, walls, doors, and windows. Their data gives us a competitive edge because it provides better quality information faster.

Moreover, this information is safer than allowing a contractor to clamber over a roof and risk a fall. An accurate, timely bid is especially important after a storm. That’s because we need to secure the damage before the bad weather returns.


The Inputs We Get from Eagle View Technologies


We get high-resolution images of our client’s roof from our birds eye view in the sky. They overlay a three-dimensional diagram of the structure, plus the dimensions, pitch and other data we need for a fast accurate quote

Moreover, Eagle View adds colour-coded details and dimensions for ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, and step flashing. They even suggest adjustments we should make for special features. This is the next best thing to renting a balloon we came across in all our years in the business.

Calling Valiant Exterior Solutions on 403-829-1661 could turn out to be one of your better moves this year, especially if you need a fair price for a quality roof, eavestrough, soffit or siding job on your Calgary home this summer.

Our estimates are transparent and we believe in playing fair. Could you ask for a better service right here in Calgary?

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Image: Diagram from Our Birds Eye View Report (Eagle View Technologies)