Pre-Painting Aluminum Coil Avoids Spraying in the Field

Customers sometimes ask us why we install pre-painted seamless aluminum gutters, instead of coating them on site. We believe the factory-coated product is superior in all respects, although it does not offer an infinite range of colours. The coating will last longer and be more durable against harsh Calgary weather. Perhaps the best way would be to explain the factory process.


How Factories Coat Aluminum Coils


Aluminum factories supply strips of aluminum sheet rolled into coils for easy transport. Later, we shape these into seamless lengths of gutter eaves-troughs. But that’s a story for another day.

# First, they thoroughly clean the raw material, and chemically treat it to enable a tightly-bonded finish

# This is done on a continuous basis, as the sheets pass through an automated production line

# Finally, they apply three coating layers of primer and paint with precision computer control

# Since the material is laying horizontal when coated, there are no paint runs or uneven finishes.

We have no hope of competing with that, with paint brushes. Moreover spray painting in the field could never compete with a well-cured factory coating.


That’s Not the End of the Economies of Scale


Changing eaves-troughs and gutters is a noisy affair with plenty of drilling and hammering. Our customers want us out of their space, and their peace back as soon as possible. Our preplanning and experience enable our technicians to complete an installation in less time.

Not having to paint the material on site is a great time-saver, and puts money back in the customer’s pocket. Moreover the factory coating is already well and truly hardened. It can take knocks that no recently hand-sprayed surface ever could. Therefore, if you consider the project as a whole there is no question that factory coating is more effective in the long run.


If a Job is Worth Doing, It Is Worth Doing Right


We find pre-painted metals in a variety of other applications. These include domestic appliances, building panels, air-conditioning casings, vending machines, automotive panels, and beverage cans. None of these would perform as well with hand sprayed surfaces, because they would not be properly cured.

At Valiant Exteriors, we believe the only way to do things is to do them the right way. We would never suggest an inferior shortcut to a customer. We believe in making eaves-troughs that last. It’s the way we are – professionals

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