Roof Types and Challenges for Gutters

There are many different roof types in the world, although some are more popular in Calgary. Sometimes these are a matter of personal preference. On other occasions a local building regulation may dictate a particular roof shape.

The above diagram provides a comprehensive overview, although in Calgary we are most likely to encounter flat, mono pitch, gabled, cross gabled, hipped, and half hipped roofs. Each presents its own unique guttering challenges it terms of channeling roof moisture away.

A Brief Introduction to Different Roof Types

Flat Roofs are common on traditional style buildings in arid areas with low levels of precipitation. However, modern ones are seldom perfectly flat, and slope gently to lead water to the edge of the roof. Modern waterproofing techniques enable very large, low-pitched roofs on commercial buildings.

Mono Pitched Roofs also called sheds, skillions, and lean-to roofs have a single slope normally set between a higher and lower wall. All water run-offs collect at the lower end, where an oversize gutter may be necessary to accommodate the volume. However, the lower cost of the roof itself more than compensates for this.

Gable Roofs have two sloping sides meeting at a ridge, and a wall at one or both ends. The tops of these walls often feature quite elaborate triangular gables. Rainwater and melt flows down the two sides of these roof types needing generous gutters. Careful waterproofing is essential inside the gable ends.

Cross Gabled Roofs have gables on all opposite roof-ends, with double ridges intersecting to form the cross-over shape. However, the gables are usually on projecting wings to allow space for moisture flow. These are sometimes the result of an extension to create another room.

Hipped Roofs slope down on all four sides enabling more even distribution of water and melt. They may join at a single apex called a tent, or along a ridge. However, they do need gutters on all four sides of the building. A smaller-size eavestrough may be possible because the flow goes down all four sides.

Half Hipped, or Clip Gabled Roofs are a variation of this theme whereby the hip does reach all the way down to the gutter line. Thus, the wall forms a natural gable end below. However, in many cases we find the contractor did not provide a gutter at this point. This may be because they did not go to the trouble of completing the job properly.

As a result, the homeowner has water dripping down the wall, staining it, and splashing on people below. We can solve this problem with additional eavestroughs as we did in the photo below. We welcome all inquiries. Please email us or call 403-829-1661 for more advice on gutters and roof types

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Half-Hipped Roof (Image Copyright Valiant Exteriors Ltd)

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