Winter Time Can Be Good for Exterior Work

Winter can be a good time to get your eavestroughs, siding and soffit repairs done. However, many clients are unaware of the benefits, although others may think Valiant Exteriors goes into hibernation. Nothing can be further from the truth. That’s because if we close for winter, we will have too many orders backed up for spring.

It’s Just a Matter of Timing the Weather

Some Calgary folk are afraid to go out into the cold even on a sunny winter day. That’s a shame really, because everything is washed clean from the storm. We can spot what needs doing faster because the weather washed the grime away.

Of course, we have to work within the limitations of the climate. We may be cooped up in the office sorting materials and paperwork out while a snowstorm rages outside. However, we are confident the weather will improve and produce a warm stretch without a patch of snow on the ground

We know we are not the only people doing this, because our trusted suppliers of quality materials are open throughout winter too. We’re actually kept quite busy with winter storm damage. A ‘stitch in time saves nine’ is as true in our business as a loose thread on a coat.

Which are the Best Exterior Jobs to Tackle?

We’ll offer you price incentives if you take us up on our winter specials. However, please rest assured of the same sterling quality Valiant Exteriors delivers right through the year. We recommend you focus on damage that is deteriorating, or something that will help you spread your cash flow.

A leaking or sagging eavestrough is a good place to start. If the moisture is not carrying away, then dripping water could damage your soffits and fascias. Moreover, if that eavestrough collapses completely, you could be up for a major repair.

Loose siding is another case in point. A banging, loose strip may be the enemy of sleep. However if it falls off, your moisture barrier is broken and you could have mold developing indoors. We also tackle larger jobs when the weather gives us a decent break.

Contact Us Now For Your Exterior Repairs

We are local folk on Country Hills Boulevard, Calgary. We know our city well and understand the weather patterns. Moreover, we are never far away when you need us. You can call us now on (403)829-1661 if you ready. Or send us a message here when you need our help.

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