Signs of Failing Attic Insulation

Warm air rises. That’s why we need attic insulation to keep our houses snug inside. Warm, moist air condenses when it meets cooler air. That’s why the mirror mists up in the bathroom when we take a hot shower.

If we have failing attic insulation above the ceiling, then warmer air can leak past it into the roof space. Just like the shower room example, this condenses as it meets the freezing atmosphere up there.

How Failing Attic Insulation Can Become Costly

We have to run our heating on a higher temperature setting, because the warm air is leaking into the roof. This is as bad as having leaky doors and windows. In both cases we have higher energy costs but may blame to the boiler.

Up in the roof the timbers are constantly moist, and even coated in ice dripping moisture onto the failing attic insulation. The result is the situation gets steadily worse until we do something about it.

Okay You Convinced Me: What Are the Warning Signs?

We already touched on high energy consumption gradually creeping up. Moist attic insulation on top the ceiling is a give-away sign the insulation in your attic has seen its days. This dampness is not doing your ceilings any good either.

If things are really bad, you could have mice, rats, squirrels, and even bats taking up residence for winter. They’ll hide away when you open the trapdoor, but you’ll soon become aware of their droppings everywhere.

Fortunately, You Can Detect the Problem From Outside Too

1… If you look up at the roof from outside in the garden, you may see snow melting between the trusses. That’s because the sheathing lets more heat past these open spaces. This is a classic sign of failing attic insulation.

2… If you have insufficient roof venting, then melt from warmth rising through the ceiling may form ice dams on the roof edges. These are colder from being exposed to the freezing atmosphere.

3…The lower edge of the sheathing may be moist, and even rotten from being constantly damp. You may also notice water dripping behind the gutters, suggesting water forcing in behind the shingles.

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