Your New Eavestroughs & What to Expect

We install seamless, continuous aluminum gutters in Calgary and surrounds. This means the only joints are at ends and down pipes. Our system virtually eliminates leaky gutters, and water dripping down and staining walls.

Do spend a few moments watching our extrusion machine transform a flat strip into a perfectly shaped length of gutter. Our raw material comes in a variety of attractive colours, so your new eavestroughs may actually improve the appearance – and value – of your home.

What We Need to Do Our Work

We need space to park our truck and 16 foot trailer containing our machinery and raw material.  Then, depending on your longest gutter run, we may need 30 to 40 feet or more for your new seamless eavestroughs to appear magically from our machine.

Oh yes, and we also need access to electricity which you provide from your side. We need power outlets for our gutter machine. We may also need to charge batteries, and warm sealant in winter when the weather is cold. So let’s see, are we ready to start a job that normally takes one to two days?

Not Yet, You Need to Clear the Area

We need space to maneuver long gutter lengths, because they can’t bend around corners. Therefore, we ask you to move patio furniture and any clutter off decks, and tidy the yard generally so we can do our job.

We’d also appreciate you moving vehicles into the street so we can work quickly and efficiently. And finally, may we ask you to de-poop the area around the house. It’s a tough act watching the ground while carrying long lengths of aluminum gutter …

Ready, Steady Let’s Get Started

We pride ourselves in not leaving a mess, although we wish we could say the same for your old eavestrough system. This will contain a fair amount of rotting vegetation and dirty water. We’ll do our best, but we can’t promise we won’t muck the windows.

The magic starts once the old gutters and brackets are down, and your smart new seamless ones begin to transform your house. We can confidently expect you will be pleased with the result, and if you leave a review it will be positive.

Need to know more? Just give us a call on (403)829-1661 when it suits, or leave a message here if you prefer. We’ll appreciate the opportunity to pop by and plan your new gutters. For the record, we also undertake fascia, soffit and siding replacement and repairs.

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