The Mark of Quality Eaves Troughs

People often ask us why new eaves troughs cost so much, when they seem such simple things. We usually explain they take time and money to put up, and material costs have been rising since the COVID lock downs began. And we also have to gradually recover the cost of our eaves trough forming and cutting machine.

However, there is more to the mark of quality eaves troughs than just that. They have to flow around the building evenly, while having the same precise degree of fall. For if the flow is too gradual the water could back up and overflow. Whereas if it is too steep, it could rush across the down pipes and splash over the end caps.

But This Is Never an Easy Task

Eaves troughs are best attached to the protruding ends of rafters through the fascias. That’s because they can be surprisingly heavy when filled with water, and need strong attachment points. However rafters, being made of wood do warp and twist at the lower ends over time. So it can be quite an art getting the fall right.

Moreover, if the installer is using standard gutter lengths, these can sag slightly at the joints after a few seasons. This is why Valiant Exteriors only uses seamless aluminium lengths manufactured by us on site. This also eliminates the possibility of leaks along the lengths. It is the small things that matter most to us, in our line of business.

But It Is the Corners That Cut the Cake

Eaves troughs have to join at the corners of buildings, unless they have gable ends. For how else could we achieve a seamless effect, and provide two directions of flow in case one becomes blocked?

Prefabricated corners can’t achieve Valiant Exterior’s high standards. That’s because these are exactly right angled, but there is no such thing as a square house. Moreover, gently-sloping eaves troughs seldom align perfectly on that dimension either.

That’s Why Valiant Exteriors Hand-Mitres the Corners

We hand-mitre our corners from lengths of eaves through material, we cut with precision using our forming machine. And then we assemble them on site by almost invisibly riveting them together, and then sealing them from the inside. You’ll notice this mark of quality eaves troughs on every job we do. That’s because we believe every client deserves the same quality attention.

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Preview Image: Perfect Corners on a Perfect Job ©Valiant Exteriors Limited