How De-Icing Cables Defrost Your Roof

Ice can block eaves troughs and down pipes when a deep winter freeze strikes. The freeze can also cover over roof sections covering overhanging eaves. Roof-moisture drainage grinds to halt as the problem spreads. Until, that is until warming returns and we are left with a slushy mess.

There is little the average homeowner can do except wait while Mother Nature sorts out the mess. Meanwhile, they have to put up with annoying drips falling on the backs of necks as they scurry indoors and outdoors again. If only we could fix this, they exclaim to family and friends, not knowing about de-icing techniques.

Did You Know They Could Fix It With De-Icing Cables?

Electric trace wire, or surface heating is a proactive measure to prevent eaves troughs, down pipes, and roof overhangs freezing up completely during cold snaps. Heat generated by low-voltage electrical elements keeps them above freezing temperature, to prevent the problem happening.

This is pretty much the same technology as the anti-misting glass on automobile windows. It follows the laws of physics, and this is how de-icing cables work, in theory at least.

1… Any pipe, surface or vessel suffers heat loss when ambient air around it is cooler.

2… De-icing cables replace this heat, so those surfaces don’t chase falling temperatures.

3… A thermostat turns the power on when it senses these falling below pre determined levels.

If This Is Your Need Valiant Exteriors Has the Solution!

Temperatures seldom plummet low enough in Calgary to warrant de-icing cables,because there a simpler alternatives. Although there are instances when we install ProtecTHERM roof and gutter de-icing systems. They are a great alternative to climbing a frozen roof, and chiselling away with a spade! However, they are not a perfect cure-all:

1… Roof de-icing cables work well when properly installed. However they don’t have the dramatic effect you may anticipate.

2… The elements don’t actually melt the ice. They create channels around them for moisture to run into the eaves troughs.

3… The ice dams are no longer continuous over the eaves. However, dams can still form elsewhere on the roof.

Speak to Valiant Exteriors Before You Decide

Speak to Valiant Exteriors before you go to the expense of installing de-icing cables. We have other, more elegant options for you to consider first. A few extra soffit vents and an attic extractor may be all you need. The best way to find out is give us a call on (403)829-1661.

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Roof De-Icing Cables Above an Eave (Image Tony Webster BY CC 2.0)