Why Choose Aluminum Soffits and Fascias

Soffits and fascias are essential to protect raw roof timbers from the elements. And help keep the building warmer or cooler, thereby saving on HVAC costs.  But they are also an essential architectural feature, helping define the proportions of the building. Therefore, they need to look good and be as maintenance free as possible.

A Choice of Materials for Soffits and Fascias in Calgary

Soffits are external ‘ceilings’ that fit under porches and eaves. They play an aesthetic role in addition to keeping the weather where it belongs. Fascias tidy up the outside edges of soffits. Both are great to admire from below. But they can also be a maintenance pain, depending on choice of materials. Let’s see if you agree aluminum is superior.

How Long Should Fascias Last

If you are after lasting protection with minimal maintenance, then timber and metal fascias and soffits are not for you! Aluminum lasts – compare aluminum cars with metal ones, and aluminum door frames with wood.

Aluminum Keeps Looking Great

The only maintenance the lightweight metal should need is an annual wash down if it’s fitted right. This means your soffits could continue ventilating your roof space for your lifetime, provided you keep the birds nests and rodents out.

Green Aluminum is Eco Friendly Too

Aluminum is an indefinitely recyclable material. You don’t have to water it to make it grow, or treat it with chemicals to keep the damp and insects out! It offers significant benefits in terms of water, and air pollution too.

Aluminum Really Is Low Maintenance

Fit wood or vinyl soffits and fascias, and you are bound to up a ladder after a couple of years. The sun can’t tarnish or weaken aluminum thought. You should need to just wash it down, and then admire it for the rest of the year.

Speak to Valiant Exteriors for Experience that Shows

And finally, aluminum soffits and fascias go up fast, and should stay fixed if the contractor did their job right. Valiant Exteriors has been one of Calgary’s preferred roofers, and siding, soffit and fascia installers since 2007.

We are a small, privately owned company, big on quality and dedication. Call Calgary (403)829-1661, or email [email protected] whichever you prefer.

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