Which Gutter Shape Is Better for My Home?

A rain gutter is a water channel that receives water from the roof above, and leads it to a down pipe that funnels it away. There are currently two popular types of eaves troughs in Canada. These are traditional half-rounds, and the K-style versions we use at Valiant Exteriors. Today which we discuss which gutter shape is better, and explain our reasoning.

What Are Half-Round Gutters?

Half-round gutters harken back to olden days, when craftspeople hammered lead and copper sheets into troughs. We still use that name in Canada, although the two terms are inter changeable. Half-rounds provide fairly good service, and are popular in traditional buildings where owners prefer the classic look. Many people still prefer them for their smooth appearance too. However, in reality they are not the optimum solution when wondering which gutter shape is better for my home.

What Are K-Style Gutters Then?

K-style gutters appeared in the late 1960’s when aluminum was becoming popular. The lightweight material was easier to transport, work with, and erect. However, it lacked the tensile strength to support a long, open trough. Many iterations later the industry settled on the K-style design in our photo. The upright part of the K provides a mounting point without requiring separate brackets, while the diagonal lines define the cross-section shape. While this alternative may look different, it does away with a number of snags associated with traditional channels.

Why Do You Prefer the K-Style?

1… The K-style design is broader and able to hold more water without overflowing. It can also accommodate a broader down pipe to carry the volume away.

2 … There are fewer  traditional-shape eavestrough suppliers every year. This makes spares harder to get. We extrude our K-style gutters instantly on site.

3… Half-round gutters cost more to manufacture and install, after taking the cost of the brackets into account. They do not offer benefits to compensate for this.

K-style eaves troughs by comparison are lighter, less expensive, and faster to install. They also drain water away more efficiently. If we convinced you this gutter shape is better, call Valiant Exteriors at (403)829-1661 in Calgary for your free quote. Our clients tell us we are a pleasure to work with, and this could be why.

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K-Style Eaves Trough Cross Section (Image Stilfehler BY CC 4.0)