Why Rain Screen Siding is a Good, Green Idea

Siding’s main purpose is to protect the inner wall of a building from rain, snow, wind and sunlight. Canadians have also turned siding into a craft, where it undeniably adds beauty and value to a building. Rain screen siding mounts over a framework creating a wall cavity. This provides a passive insulation layer while also allowing any moisture to drain away.


Rain Screen Frames Good for the Environment


There is a counter movement away from using framing materials that pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during manufacture. Our recent project in the photo uses spruce wood 1×4’s from a renewable forest of young trees.

This design has the added advantage of closing in the installation on all four sides. This provides improved insulation in an environmentally responsible way. Moreover being wood makes it easier to secure the actual siding with screw and nails to finish the job.


Rain Screens Make for Comfortable Living


Rain screens along the lines of our project keep buildings warmer / cooler inside while using less energy. Moreover there is less possibility of damp, mold and rot because the outer skin of the building can breathe. This is turn simplifies maintenance and may extend building life.

Using standard spruce rails as attachment for siding ensures a tidy, even installation that completes faster than some other options. This is especially important when replacing older siding with new. Nobody wants their house looking ‘undressed’ any longer than necessary.


Siding Beautifies a Home and Adds Value


We have installed siding in a wide range of designer and softer colours throughout Calgary. Our skilled artisans have a talent which is becoming ‘talk of the town’. Please do visit our showcase of completed projects. Notice the consistent attention to detail. Our jobs look expensive but you may be surprised how affordable they actually are.

We are a small, family-owned business based on Country Hills Boulevard, northwest Calgary. We complete siding, soffit, fascia, and eavestrough projects throughout the city and surrounds. Call 403 829 1661 to meet our business owner, Martin Straczek.

Martin attends to all quotations personally, and is regularly on site during our projects. You will find him a valuable resource for information and advice. And a man determined to add an extra touch of quality to everything he does..

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