Why Winter Is a Good Time to Have Your Siding Done

Clients sometimes wonder how we keep going successfully all year round, given we work on the outside of homes in Calgary, southern Alberta. While we do have cold winters, we have all the protective clothing we need. And moreover we usually enjoy sunny weather at this time too. Therefore, by planning and staying ahead of the weather, we are able to work all year round.


The Benefits of Upgrading Your Home in Winter


The key to winter construction work is doing projects above ground level. We are therefore mostly unaffected by the traditional Calgary winter construction slowdown, that begins when the ground freezes. While builders are unable to start new projects our siding work continues unabated because of the two-phase nature of the task.

Most folk don’t realise the low-insulation value of exterior siding. Its main function is to keep the rainwater out, and we have precious little of that in winter.  The thermal insulation is provided by the building paper or house wrap we position first. With careful planning, we can remove old siding from a portion of a building, and reseal the house the same day.

We fit siding, fascias, soffits, and eaves trough gutters to many new homes in winter time. Although cold, the weather is our friend because we enjoy dry, sunny days and we can plan around cold fronts. This enables us to sharpen our pencils while preparing estimates, and offer top-rate work at competitive prices.

Enjoy the Pleasure of Super Service Year Round


The builders are back in action after spring arrives and the ground frost melts. Summer presents us with new challenges because we cannot work safely in the rain, although we do welcome the blessing it brings to the wheat and grass on the prairies.

We use occasional rainy downtime as an opportunity for training, and testing new techniques in our workshop. Nothing ever goes for wasted at Valiant Exteriors. We are proud of being able to remain productive all year round, and therefore being able to offer exceptional quality and value at all times.


You Can Trust Our Quality at Any Time of Year


Please include us in your inquiries if you need new siding, fascias, soffits, or gutters, or repairs to existing. You will find us pleasantly affordable. Please contact us when you a ready to experience the difference true professionals make.

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