Can You Get a Cheaper Roof Job in Winter?

Folk sometimes call us for a winter roof repair or replacement expecting a cheaper job. They seem to expect us to work for less in low season. Then we have to explain why a cheaper roof in winter may be a fallacy.

That’s because there is actually more work involved in terms of time taken. The best days to work on roofs are warm, windless and dry. This is not always the case in Calgary even during a dry winter spell. That’s because our tools and bodies are not as efficient as on a warm summer day.

Outdoor temperatures below 10ºC / 50ºF increase the likelihood of mistakes on slippery roofs. We have to take extra precautions. These extra precautions take time and we include this in our price. However we may still be able to take on the job as we explain below.

Safety Reasons Why We Don’t Offer a Cheaper Roof in Winter

1… Roofs we can stride across safely in summer become slippery in snowy, icy, or frosty conditions. Weather can change quickly in Calgary. However, we have to finish a roofing job, or at least make good.

2… Moreover, there is also a risk of clear ice building up on shingles that’s hard to spot. From an operational point of view this means constant vigilance and slower hands on the job.

3… We may not be able to start at all, if a heavy snowfall adds too much weight to the roof, especially if it needs repair. Our team stands idle while we regret not taking on a siding job instead.

We have to build these business risks into our prices. We can’t offer a cheaper roof in winter but we may take a project on.

That’s Because There May Be Corresponding Advantages

We can’t leave our roofing team idle all winter, especially when our raw material suppliers are offering attractive discounts. If we find a customer with a well-designed, safe roof these savings may offset the extra winter precautions we must take.

If you have an urgent roof repair or replacement that can’t wait until summer, give us a call on (403)829-1661. We’ll pop by when it suits you for a free consultation, and give you an honest quote we’ll explain.

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