The Importance of a Well-Equipped Gutter Contractor

Installing gutters under roof overhangs is more complex than it looks. Ask any DIY homeowner who tried to do the job themselves, and botched it. They attempted to align the gutters correctly with the roof line, while simultaneously achieving the right slope for optimum rain and melt run off. It takes time to learn to do this.

Ten to one, they lacked equipment to extrude seamless runs, and had the added task of connecting sections while ensuring the joints were waterproof. To add insult to injury – hopefully not the latter – they were on top of long ladders and having to concentrate on balancing too. They could even have had someone kneeling on the edge of the roof, and looking down to supervise.


Hanging Gutters Properly is a Professional Task


The task calls for advanced safety equipment that a once-in-a-lifetime homeowner may not readily afford. Nobody we know hires this out, because of the risk of it failing in inexperienced hands. We treat our safety belts and slings as personal protective equipment. Moreover, we insist our employees inspect theirs with a workmate every day, before they begin work.

Hanging gutters properly is impossible without several pairs of hands working as a team along the line. Two people cannot support a run of gutter at either end and in the middle. You need three people on high-grade safety ladders, plus a supervisor nearby to pass up tools and materials.

Smart contractors with only two ladders generally decline these jobs. However, cowboy tradespeople desperate for work, but with insufficient equipment may take a chance. We make good money following up and fixing their mess. Ironically, many cowboy contractors charge as much as our professional teams do. We say avoid future expenses by getting the job done the right way first time.


Get the Job Done Right With Superior Materials


There is nothing to beat seamless aluminum gutters extruded on site. We have the latest machines available, and they do a lovely job with steady shadow lines. Please visit our portfolio of recent guttering jobs. Then imagine us upgrading your house with new gutters in a matching colour scheme.

Valiant Exteriors applies deep gutter experience to every job. We are a small, family owned Calgary company and you should expect to see the owner on your site every day. We have the equipment and the experience to handle a wide variety of jobs and circumstances. Please call 4038291661 or send us an email, if you would like the owner to visit your home for a chat and a quote.

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