Which Is Best Steel or Aluminum Gutters?

Gutters have been on houses for as long as our ancestors knew they needed to drain rainwater away from their foundations. The earliest solution may have been positioning their homes in elevated areas, where the water drained away readily. However, it took a long time before steel and aluminum gutters arrived.

But, as time wore on our ancestors started running out of high ground for their cities, and so they invented drainage instead. The original roof gutters would have been trenches around buildings leading water away through pipes.

Someday a homeowner became tired of their roof dripping on them as they came and went. That was the moment eavestrough systems around roofs began to evolve. Our ancestors would have made these from wood, clay, copper whatever else they had around.

Which Is Best Nowadays Steel or Aluminum Gutters?

Neither is best, because both materials have their own advantages. We wrote this post to help you decide what’s best for you, according to your circumstances. Then, if you decide you need an eavestrough installer in Calgary we’d love to receive your call.

Good Reasons to Consider Steel Gutters

Steel is the strongest gutter material. This means it is best able to withstand stormy conditions, and pelting by wind-blown debris, falling branches etc. It can also withstand the weight of a ladder as someone climbs up.

In fact, steel eavestroughs could last forever, were it not for one enemy the ‘tin worm’ we call rust. Of course it’s possible to delay this with regular repainting, but this comes at a cost.

Good Reasons to Consider Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum is a durable, lightweight material that does not rust. Good quality aluminum gutters can take the weight of a ladder carefully placed, and a whack from debris blowing in the wind. Their colour-tinting is also permanent.

Therefore, they are a maintenance-free solution if correctly positioned, and allowance is made for expansion and contraction. Your choice between steel and aluminum gutters is therefore more of a personal decision, depending on whether you like doing maintenance.

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