Why We Use K-Style Gutter Profiles

The eavestrough gutters that flow around the lower perimeter of our roofs have a most important task. This is to catch the moisture flowing down, and channel it to down pipes so it can flow away from our foundations across the terrain.

To achieve this consistently, eavestrough gutters must be seamlessly smooth inside. While being strong enough to withstand a full load of snow, and incessant buffeting from wind during storms.

We use K-Style seamless aluminum gutters we extrude on site in 5″ and 6″ sections. That’s because in our experience they are the optimum solution for Calgary where we live, and provide our home-weatherproofing service.

How K-Style Gutters Work – An Overview

If you had a suitable cut-out of the letter ‘K’, you might be able to insert it into the section in the image above. The left upstroke would align with the vertical dimension on the left. While the upper and lower arms could rest comfortably in the right side of the image with a little imagination.

This design – available in 5″ and 6″ sections – scores against traditional eavestroughs as follows:

1… It holds more water than rounded gutters with equivalent diameters.

2… It is less likely to bend or distort because of the rigid cross section

However, it is more likely to block with debris, because it has right angle corners. And by the same token it is harder to clear of debris.

Why Are K-Style Gutters So Popular Then?

People in Calgary and right across North America prefer K-Style gutters because they are simply more elegant. That’s perhaps because they remind them of classic crown mouldings on interior ceilings, and add a stylish touch to any house, especially a modern design.

What’s Works Better – 5″ or 6″ Sections?

As a general rule of thumb, the wider 6” K-Style carries more water than the narrower – and slightly cheaper – 5” option. Assuming the gutter is clear of debris, we work on one square inch of outlet opening for every hundred square feet of roof area above.

We add another down pipe if we ‘run out of capacity’. That’s about all there is to eavestrough gutter science. However, K-Styles must also be correctly installed, and that’s where Valiant Exteriors comes in handy.

Call us on (403)829-1661 or email info@valiantexteriors.com if you would like us to pop by and quote. We’ll explain the details that make the difference, and how we go about installing eavestroughs that should work for a long time.

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K-Style Rain Gutter Piece: Image Stilfehler BY CC 4.0 License

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