Why Should I Keep My Gutters Clean

Gutters, eavestroughs, call them what you like are so ‘up there’ it’s easy to forget them. That is, until they overflow outside the front door, or horror of horrors come crashing down from the weight of water.

After you read this post, you’ll know what to answer if a friend or workmate asks you truculently ‘why should I keep my gutters clean. I’m not going up a ladder for anyone’. However, that can be a false economy because blocked gutters can’t direct water away from your home.

Clean Gutters to Protect Your Eavestrough System

Gutters become heavy when they fill with debris and water. The added load makes them more likely to crack open, or even come loose and dangle dangerously. Moreover on a cold winter night, the pooled water can freeze and expand. You have to wait for a warmer period for this to thaw, and hope the expansion does not damage the system.

This is particularly a problem with an older house with a discontinued eavestrough line. Spares soon dry up meaning you can’t patch in a repair. Our advice is service the system once a year. However, we can’t recommend you do this yourself, unless you are young and strong with a good sense of balance.

Clean Gutters to Protect Your Foundations

Roof overhangs and eavestroughs are not just there to look handsome and keep the rain away from the windows. Their original, and main purpose is to keep the water away from the foundations. And that’s because if water spills over onto the ground frequently, it can weaken the foundations supporting the weight of the walls above.

Clean Gutters to Chase Away Pests

Rats, squirrels, birds and the like are constantly on the lookout for places to build the nests. City living largely destroys their options, which is why they naturally turn to garbage. Gutters blocked with leaves in dry season can make ideal nesting sites. They also provide potential stepping stones to roof spaces, when they find an access point.

May We Assist With An Annual Inspection and Clean?

May we save you time and trouble by completing a roof inspection and clean for a fair fee. We quite often find places where birds and rodents enter roofs and scurry around. We’ll clean out the gutters and tighten any loose screws. Why not save yourself a major repair, by doing an eavestrough inspection while there’s time.

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