Asphalt Roof Shingle Warranty Claims

A decent asphalt shingle installer attaches every sheet with the same level of attention. They also replace any that chip or snap in the process, or are not perfectly flat within tolerances as they ought to be.

Everything should in order when they leave the job, and according to the shingle maker’s instructions. The average homeowner believes they can claim confidently if a shingle fails within the warranty period. However, that’s unfortunately not always the case.

The Blame Often Lies with the Installer

Most shingle makers we deal with do a decent job under controlled, supervised conditions. That said, we have come across examples where this was not the case in our line of business. However in our experience, problems are more likely to lie with an installer that rushed the job.

An asphalt shingle maker’s warranty does not cover installation problems like these. If a defect is caused by shoddy installation then the installer must pick up the tab. Valiant Exteriors has $2 million liability insurance. There’s no need to worry about unexpected surprises with us.

So What Does an Asphalt Maker’s Warranty Cover?

The details vary from maker to maker. That’s why it’s always best the read the fine print before committing to payment. The few successful claims that do pay out often involve bad color and texture between shingle packs.

There are two things most of us can expect. These are paying tax on our income, and showing our age as the years pass. Asphalt shingles may not owe the Canada Revenue Agency a cent. But they do age over time. Slight curling at the edges is normal.

However, blistering, cracking, splitting, and surface texture failure ought not to happen during the warranty period. It can pay to obtain reports from several reputable installers to add authority to any claim.

What Asphalt Warranties’ May Not Cover

A good shingle maker may include the cost of replacing defective tiles for the first year, or a few more. However, after that they may only replace what they supplied, meaning boxes of shingles. This means the homeowner is liable for shingle removal, replacement, and flashing, fasteners etc.

Moreover, shingle warranty cover usually reduces as the years pass. Any prorated pay-out may be only a percentage of the claim. Using a reputable Calgary shingle installer that stands by their work, can pay handsomely when you need advice down the line.

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