Gutter Splash Guard May Be All You Need

There can be few things more frustrating that moving into a new home, and discovering the eavestroughs overflow in a storm. We see water raining down past the windows where we hoped to enjoy a pleasant view. And when we step outside the front door, we may need an umbrella. If this is you, a gutter splash guard could be your solution.

More to Eavestrough Design Than Meets the Eye

The rain catchment area we fondly call our roof is a large space when we spread in out in our mind. If we were to build a water feature that size, we might be surprised to find an inch of rainwater in it after a storm. And that water would be sufficient to fill more than a few bathtubs.

Moreover, because our roof slopes quite steeply, that water flows down quite fast on the ‘wings of gravity’. The art of roof construction includes managing the flow so it ends up in our eavestroughs that carry it away. But unfortunately, this may be insufficient where water gathers in roof valleys where two parts of a roof meet.

Two Eavestrough Complications at Valley Ends

The additional flow of water creates two complications, although we can usually counter these with a carefully-formed valley splash guard:

  • There is twice as much water as this point where two parts of a roof meet.
  • This doubles the force of the water making it more likely to overflow in a storm.

A gutter splash guard can be an inexpensive answer to this frustrating problem. It fastens onto the outer gutter at this point, effectively raising it higher. The water can then splash back into the eavestrough and join the rest of the flow to the down spouts.

More Information About Gutter Splash Guards

We can encounter similar problems where roof hips meet eavestroughs slightly beneath them. They also tend to overshoot in heavy rain, but a similar approach can help control this. Should we however decide to live with the problem, we may face the following consequences:

  • Water erosion in flower beds, flooded pathways.
  • Slow, gradual erosion of building foundations.
  • More opportunities for roof leaks at overhangs.
  • Water damage to soffits and roof vents from damp.

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