Less Face-to-Face Contact in Our Business

Our natural instinct to be social influences most aspects our lives. The traditional way of doing roof, soffit, eavestrough and siding repairs and replacements involved interpersonal contact and poring over brochures together. Nowadays we use updated methods that promote less face-to-face contact while the virus lasts.

New Ways of Estimating with Less Face-to-Face Contact

1… We liaise with customers over the phone, or by email as much as possible. We share images digitally and can mark them up to highlight particular aspects. We are discovering this is arguably a better way of doing business because we and our customers on the same page.

2…. EagleView software enables us to accurately measure the dimensions of houses and other buildings using a portfolio of aerial photographs. This means we don’t have to visit your site to prepare your estimate. That’s another victory for less face-to-face contact.

3… We have begun using the Joist program to create detailed proposals including images, and details of our contract conditions. We find this gives our clients greater confidence we leave nothing to chance.

Working Safely on Client Sites Despite the Virus

Days of sharing progress on site with clients and allowing their kids to see our tools up close are unfortunately gone for a while. Instead, we ask our clients to stay inside their houses, or be elsewhere for the day we cut our materials to size. That’s because their air-borne dust could cause mild respiratory infections.

You can rest assured our people will arrive on site wearing face masks and gloves, and will not ask to come inside unless this is strictly necessary, and you agree after considering their reasoning.

We continue to follow the buddy-safety system to promote safe practices and healthy working methods. However, we ask them to ensure less face-to-face contact by maintaining a distance of at least six feet, which is why you may hear raised voices from time to time.

We Will Not Increase Our Prices If Our Business Drops Off

We are in this corona virus thing together. We are asking our suppliers to hold their prices steady if they possibly can. We will experience a recession in Canada for reasons beyond our control. However, we are a strong nation. We will bounce back as we always have before.

Please call us on (403)829-1661 of you require work done on your shingle roof, gutters, soffits, or siding and require a free estimate. We are also happy for you to reach out on our website. Less face-to-face contact is a good thing during these troubled times.

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