The Shingle Look Without the Annual Effort

Wooden shakes are part of Canada’s architectural heritage. That’s because pioneering settlers could split them from straight-grained bolts of wood using hand-held mallets and axes.

This was a time-consuming process, especially as they only used the durable heartwood at the core of the log. Modern wooden shingles continue to be popular on account of their characteristic texture, and the way the shingle look recalls historic tradition.

Many homeowners who failed to maintain their wooden shingles annually, have learned this is partly an illusion. That’s because they are made of organic material and this rots unless treated regularly. Hence the popularity of asphalt as alternative.


IKO Asphalt Shingles: The Shingle Look in Asphalt


Asphalt shingles have found their way into Calgary homeowners’ hearts because they don’t require annual re-staining. Moreover, the IKO Armourshake version makes asphalt shingles look more like the real thing.

That’s because these dimensional shingles recall the subtle colour graduations and intricate profiles of hand-hewn, random-cut cedar. This product blends colour technology, and deep cuts to mimic the shingle look of the timber version while costing homeowners less.

Moreover, the savings extend beyond raw material costs. IKO asphalt shingles are faster and easier to install than cedar ones, and maintenance is a simple matter of hosing down. Moreover the product features copper-coated granules that resist blue-green algae taking hold and staining the surface.


But That Is Not All: These Shingles come in Exciting Colours


IKO Armourshake dimensional shingles are available in different colours to reflect your personal style and blend into your surroundings. Popular colours include chalet wood, grey stone, shadow black, weathered stone, and weathered redwood.


A Twin Fibre Glass Design Underpins the Shingle Look


These dimensional shingles by Armourshake comprise two laminated fibreglass mats for flexibility, durability and strength. These qualities combine to deliver a classic look that should stand the test of time if correctly installed.

Moreover, the sealant strips across the back of the shingles cure in the sun’s heat for extra tackiness that resists uplifting by the wind. You can rest easy, they say when the bad weather arrives and the fingers of wind may tear other roof finishes away.


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