Installing Skylights Are They Worth It?

Come wintertime folk call us for a price for a skylight. The cost depends on your roof we tell them. Some require more effort and we can’t simply quote over the phone. Besides, there are pros and cons to installing skylights and we would need to meet on site to discuss the options.

A skylight promises to naturally illuminate dark corners in the home. We could also doze at night with the stars twinkling above us in our dreams. But it’s important to mention they admit less brightness on gloomy, overclouded days when we need them most. And you have to clean them from time to time too.


Two Advantages of Installing Skylights


# Skylights reconnect us to the world outside the roof shuts out. We can feel the sun’s warmth filtering through in winter, and we can see what the clouds skipping past on a spring day.

# However, we will need to draw the shade closed on a blistering day at the height of summer. That said, we can also open the pane wide when the sun has passed over and admit a cooling fresh breeze.

Installing skylights can bring new dimensions to our lives. However, there are few straight lines in life’s journey, and there are downsides to consider too.


Three Things to Consider before Installing a Skylight


# The glass gets dirty on the outside and can collect debris that looks ugly. The inside also eventually looks opaque from the grime in the air. Having skylights fitted adds a new seasonal chore, cleaning them. By definition they are not easy to reach.

# Installing skylights involves making holes through your roof. That’s great if you use a competent contractor. However if their installer does not know what they are up to then they could weaken the structure of your roof.

# Even the best skylights need annual inspection and maintenance. Your insurer may require you do this in case the seals fail and you have water dripping through. An experienced skylight installer will know how to waterproof it properly.


Discuss Your Skylight Project with an Expert


Call Valiant Exteriors Ltd on 403-829-1661 in Calgary for free advice. We can assist with a leaking skylight or a new installation you can trust. If you reading this at night send us a message and we’ll call back in the morning at the time of day you choose.

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