Vinyl Versus Fiber Siding What’s Better

Valiant Exteriors is adept at installing vinyl and fiber cement siding, as well as engineered wood, metal and aluminum. That’s because each type has its merits, and we want our customers to have the widest choice available.

Today, we compare vinyl versus fiber siding side-by-side. Taken together they account for largest majority of our siding projects in Calgary and each, as we shall see scores well on durability and maintenance.

Main Differences Between Vinyl and Fiber Siding

1… Vinyl siding is made of non-renewable PVC, which is popular among homeowners because it can flex to allow for temperature changes between winter and summer.

2… Fiber siding is made of a blend of renewable wood, and non-renewable portland cement. It is available in both board lengths and shingles, opening opportunities for integrated designs.

But It’s Also a Matter of Visual Impact

1… Fiber cement siding comes as rigid boards, but it is also available in a variety of shingle types. It can come pre-painted in a number of popular colors. Although we could also stain and tint it to the exact hue you require.

2… Vinyl siding, on the other hand has the colour cast in, and you can’t change it later. The molding process allows a number of surface textures imitating natural effects. It’s also possible to hang it vertically because it can flex.

Vinyl Versus Fiber in Terms of Energy

Neither vinyl nor fiber are particularly good insulators, although this can be corrected with another material beneath. Although both are effective moisture-repellers, which is what makes them so popular.

However, it could be said insulated vinyl is the better of the two because it has a layer of foam attached, decreasing temperature transfer through thermal bridging. But fiber cement, on the other hand has a lower carbon footprint.

Factoring In Installation and Maintenance Cost

Vinyl siding can be a third cheaper than fiber cement material to install. This can make it the winner, especially as it does not need occasional caulking and resealing as is the case with non-flexible fiber cement.

That said, many of our customers prefer the look and feel of ‘natural’ fiber cement. The customer has the final say at Valiant Exteriors. They get the same very best quality and service we provide. The extra touch they say makes the Valiant Exteriors difference.


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