Visible Cues That Siding Needs Replacing Before Winter

Chilly winters, snow, and biting winds return in Calgary winters. Therefore, it is a wise decision to repair or replace damaged and aging siding before it fails. If the problems are minor, you might be able to effect running repairs in winter when you could negotiate a lower price. If your siding needs replacing completely though, it’s best to avoid a cold snap slowing things down and leaving you feeling the cold.


Stopping Small Problems in Their Tracks


Siding needs inspection annually on the basis of a ‘stitch in time saves nine’. If your home is single-story, you might be able to do a cursory visual inspection yourself. Please do be sure to use a secure ladder in excellent condition, and have an assistant standing by to pass the tools.

A ladder fall is a dangerous event even for roofing experts. Broken limbs are common and may cause weeks off work. We would be doing you a disservice if we did not caution you to take care on ladders. Why not call Valiant Exteriors on 403 829 1661, or ask us to make a house call? We could inspect for cracks, missing caulking, flaking paint etc. and make suggestions if your siding needs replacing or repairing.


Signs You May Need Your Siding Replaced


Attractive siding in vibrant colours does more than add value to your home. It also protects the interior from the elements, and shields you from extreme weather. Nothing lasts forever, including siding. If it is old or damaged, it admits cold air from outside and provides channels for your heated air to escape.

These defects can be difficult to spot and interpret from the ground. If you have properly sealed doors and windows, but still have high-energy bills, then this is a likely sign of siding deterioration and damage. The following may be precipitating incidents:

# All wooden siding eventually falls victim to intrusion by insects, or simply rots because it is an organic material.

# Much the same applies where softwood frames have been used to support wood, fibre-cement and vinyl siding.

# This is a common cause of warping and panels coming loose. When a storm strikes, it may tear loose pieces away.

Nothing lasts forever and that includes siding. Ultraviolet penetration causes damage to vinyl siding, and paint coatings may blister and flake. This brings the value of your home down, and you do need to protect your largest investment.

We invite you to call us on 403 829 1661 if you believe your siding needs replacing or repairing , or leave a message here. Let’s get together and do a health check on your home.

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