Why Inspect Your Gutters This Fall?

Fall is a good time to shin up a ladder, and check the roof and the gutters before the severe winter weather comes. That’s because harsh winds, snow and ice will add extra pressure on the entire eavestroughing system in a few months time. Gutters are particularly vulnerable because they carry extra weight in winter.

Prepare For Winter and Be Ready When It Blows In

Winter’s heavy rains can cause local flooding. However, if a gutter run fails, this can turn into a torrent that destroys the garden. This often begins when debris up there becomes a heavy sodden mass. When last did you clear yours away?

If your gutters are more than twenty years old, the chances are they may be in need of repair. Unless they are seamless aluminum they may have started to crack and distort. The brackets may be rusting and missing screws. Will they last the winter through?

Joints on eavestrough systems take strain as components begin to twist and sag. Water leaks past as they begin to separate, and drips down annoyingly on anybody passing below. There is no perfect repair for this. It’s time to think about a seamless system.

The Advantages of Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Leaky and sagging segmented jointed gutters can cause fascia boards, and rafter ends to become damp as capillary action draws the water into dry wood. This ‘minor problem’ can become an expensive repair. It could be time for an inspection this fall.

If you don’t get up there and check for leaks, then the first sign of damage could be paint peeling away. This paint is not only for decoration, it is also there to waterproof the wood. A stitch in time saves nine the old folk said. Are your fascia’s ready for winter?

Damage You Could Face Elsewhere in Your Home

The water from your leaky gutters has to go somewhere, and thanks to gravity this is down to the ground. There are two warning signs to look out for this fall:

  • Mold and mildew in your basement caused by eavestrough drip filtering down through the ground outside.
  • Mold and mildew forming on the lower extremes of your outside walls, suggesting the ground below is saturated.

There is only one way to make sure your gutters are ready for winter, and that’s to get out the ladder and climb up and have good look. Valiant Exteriors are one of Calgary’s home waterproofing specialists. Drop us a line when convenient if you would like is to bring our own ladders, climb up and report what we see.

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Black mold on a basement drop ceiling (PF Murray 88 BY CC 2.0)